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Our Educators and Staff

All educators and staff at the Amy Hurd Early Learning Centre are trained and passionate about early childhood education, care and development.
Tracey S

Our Leadership Team

Director of the Centre.

Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood)

Tracey has over 25 years of early childhood experience and had been employed at Amy Hurd since 2005. Tracey began as the early childhood teacher before taking on the Director's role in 2013. Tracey is passionate about sustainable education and is also a member of the Wagga Wagga Early Childhood Network Group.

Tracey S.JPG

Educational Leader 2024

Diploma - Currently studying Bachelor of Education

Tiegan joined the Amy Hurd team in 2023 as an educator in the Bumblebee Room. Tiegan has taken on the Educational Leader Role in 2024 


Educational Leader (Mon-Wed) / Assistant Director


Katie has been employed with Amy Hurd since 2004. Katie loves to sing with the children and builds amazing relationships with the children and families. She believes that children flourish and thrive when nurtured through meaningful relationships. Katie currently works 3 days per week Mon-Wed.

Katie is on leave in 2024


Educational Leader (Thurs-Fri) Educator Ladybird Room (Tues-Wed)


Jali joined the Amy Hurd team in 2020 on a part time basis. She brings fresh ideas and practices to our Centre and enjoys engaging with the children in inquiry based activities and research. She believes with secure and interesting learning environments all children can learn and grow to shape their own destinies. 

Jali is on leave in 2024

Our Educators

Bumblebee Room



Educator Bumblebee Room- Room Leader


Katrina joined our team in 2019, bringing many years of experience with her. She supports the team in the Bumblebees room, building those beautiful relationships with both families and children. Katrina enjoys sharing her love of yoga with the children.

Tracey G.JPG
Tracey G

Educator Bumblebee Room

Tracey G joined our team in 2009. Tracey came to the Centre as a professional placement student and has never left. She is now employed full time at Amy Hurd. Tracey builds wonderful, supportive relationships with both the children and the families.


Educator Bumblebee Room

Sam has joined our team in 2022. She creates a very calming and  nurturing environment within the Bumble Bee Room, while also being engaged and creating a lot of fun in the room. You will often hear the children laughing when she is near. 
Sam is our Centre's Munch and Move Coordinator. 


Educator Bumblebee Room

Certificate III

Sasha began at Amy Hurd in 2022 as a trainee educator and completed her traineeship in 2024

Ladybird Room 


Educator Ladybird Room- Room Leader

Diploma- Currently studying Bachelor of Education

Chloe has been employed at Amy Hurd since 2019. Chloe has great relationships with children, believing that each child is an individual to be valued and supported. She provides opportunities for children to explore, discover, create and imagine to develop each child's strengths, interests, skills abilities and knowledge and to extend their learning.


Educator Ladybird Room


Kerryanne works in the Ladybird room on Mondays and Thursdays and then rotates between both the Bumblebee and Ladybird room for documentation cover. She enjoys involving the children in sustainable practices as well as getting them involved in caring for our plants and vegetable garden. 


Educator Ladybird Room


Michelle is employed at Amy Hurd as an Educator in the Ladybird Room. She has a kind and caring approach which is reflected through her practice. Michelle enjoys reading stories with the children to create a safe, calm space for them. 

Michelle is on maternity leave in 2023.


Educator Ladybird Room

Cert III 

Teagan has joined the Amy Hurd team in 2023 as an educator in the Ladybird Room. 



Trainee Educator - Bumblebee Room

Certificate III, Working towards Diploma
Renee joined our team in 2022. 


Trainee Educator - Ladybird Room

Cert III, Working towards Diploma

Ange has joined our team in 2022. She is passionate about creating beautiful and inviting environments where the children and families feel supported. She feels it's important to form trusting relationships and to provide the children with the skills to explore and learn through play. She loves to share stories, songs and especially creative arts with the children and feels it's important to create an environment where the children feel safe and supported to make new discoveries on their learning journey. Ange is our Centre's Munch and Move Coordinator. 




Megan has been with Amy Hurd since 2018 and has stepped into the admin role in 2024. 



Sky is our centre's chef Thursday & Friday. Sky supports the health and wellbeing of children by planning and preparing nourishing and wholesome meals and snacks.



Shanon is our centre's chef Monday - Wednesday. Shanon supports the health and wellbeing of children by planning and preparing nourishing and wholesome meals and snacks.

Lilly 2.JPG

Early Childhood Assistant

Lilly is our Early Childhood Assistant on Thursdays and Fridays. Lilly has been a volunteer for many years and started her new role in 2024.

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