About Us

Mission Statement


We aim to provide the highest level of care and education for your child in a warm, nurturing, safe and secure environment. By creating a feeling of acceptance, a sense of belonging, and building partnerships with families we create an environment which enables each child and family to feel safe and secure.



Our Vision


  • To have quality educators who are passionate, dedicated and dynamic.


  • For educators and staff to be fully trained and be offered continual professional development for the benefit of all centre users.


  • To provide a service that meets the needs of the families and our local community.


  • To be a leader in sustainability in our local community.






  • For all children to feel positive about themselves and their experiences developing a balance for learning, an ability to feel safe, freedom to be themselves, develop independence, autonomy and consideration for others and to develop a feeling of self-worth.


  • For children, families and staff to feel welcome and part of an extended family.



  • For educators to use a positive approach while educating and caring for children. Educators will facilitate children’s learning through partnerships and collaboration with both the children and their families.






Our Philosophy is guided by ‘Being, Belonging, Becoming: The Early Years Learning Framework’ and the National Quality Framework.


Our Centre: Amy Hurd Early Learning Centre is like a patch work quilt. Homely, warm, welcoming, loving, safe, non-judgmental, a family, personalised, passionate, sustainable.


Our Children: We acknowledge that all children are unique individuals. All children are given equal opportunities regardless of their gender, culture and socio-economic background.


Our Families and Community: We acknowledge families and communities are the most important people in their child’s life and have valuable information to share with us. We will make parents feel welcome and encourage them to become involved at the Centre in whatever capacity available to them.


Our Educators: We recognise and respect every educator and staff member as an individual being supportive of each other professionally and personally. We strive for continuous improvement.


Our Program: The program encourages children to have fun, make choices learning through their individual interests and having their ‘voices’ being recognised.


Our Environment: We recognise the importance of providing a safe, secure and consistent environment that supports trust and familiarity as well as active exploration of learning. Where children feel important and can contribute actively. Children have a sense of comfort, like at home where they can act/re-act depending on their feelings/moods and be supported in their behaviour in a loving, homelike environment by quality responsive educators.



All the above is actually really, really true. We do care about each other and our beautiful Centre.

Amy Hurd Early  Learning centre purchases fruit, vegetables and grocery items from our locally owned, independent supermarket. We purchase bread and special cakes and slices for special occasions from a local family run bakery. We use a butcher who also sources much of their meat from within the region. All these services are within 3 kilometres of the centre. We are proud to be able to keep our purchases locally and use the best local ingredients we can.

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