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Mission Statement


We aim to provide the highest level of care and education for your child in a warm, nurturing, safe and secure environment. By creating a feeling of acceptance, a sense of belonging, and building partnerships with families we create an environment which enables each child and family to feel safe and secure.


Our Vision


  • To have quality educators who are passionate, dedicated and dynamic.


  • For educators and staff to be fully trained and be offered continual professional development for the benefit of all centre users.


  • To provide a service that meets the needs of the families and our local community.


  • To be a leader in sustainability in our local community.

Our vision at Amy Hurd Early Learning Centre is to provide a warm, welcoming environment in which children feel loved and safe. 



  • For all children to feel positive about themselves and their experiences developing a balance for learning, an ability to feel safe, freedom to be themselves, develop independence, autonomy and consideration for others and to develop a feeling of self-worth.


  • For children, families and staff to feel welcome and part of an extended family.



  • For educators to use a positive approach while educating and caring for children. Educators will facilitate children’s learning through partnerships and collaboration with both the children and their families.




At Amy Hurd Early Learning Centre we respect that each child is unique, and deserves love and support throughout their early learning journey.

We believe in respectful, loving relationships with a focus on quality early childhood education and care. Our philosophy was developed in consultation with children, families, educators and staff and is reflected in our everyday practice and interactions.

Our Children: We believe in providing an environment for children where they feel welcome and protected. Each child is considered an individual and has the right to feel safe, respected and nurtured. We believe that by listening to the children’s voices, children will become involved, active learners. A place where they are comfortable to express ideas and challenges.

Our families: We believe through supportive relationships with parents and families, the trust and respect will flow through to the individual child’s learning journey. By promoting family involvement, families will feel connected, understood, safe and welcome within the service. Communication with our families is respectful of their family beliefs, dynamics and culture. We view love and respect as key components in building supportive, connected relationships.

Our educators and staff: We believe in the importance to continually learn and develop as educators in the early childhood sector. We have a strong connection to country and have high expectations around sustainability. We aim to provide a safe place, full of good humour, encouragement and driving each other to always learn, create and build our skills. We believe in ethical and moral practices that ensure children’s rights are maintained and respected, to provide educational curriculums for all children.

Our Community: We believe there is an importance to establish the connection between people, place and emotion. At Amy Hurd we strive to create a space where people can belong and feel connection regardless of race, culture or ability. We believe that it ‘takes a village to raise a child’, working in partnership with families, educators, staff and external community influences to provide the rich environment in which we embrace and respect our Indigenous culture.

Amy Hurd Early Learning centre purchases fruit, vegetables and grocery items from our locally owned, independent supermarket. We purchase bread and special cakes and slices for special occasions from a local family run bakery. We use a butcher who also sources much of their meat from within the region. All these services are within 3 kilometres of the Centre. We are proud to be able to keep our purchases local and use the best local ingredients we can.

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