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Ladybirds Room 3-5 years- Preschool Room


The Ladybird Room provides a stimulating environment for three to five year olds. Within the room Educators aim to foster an environment of inclusion and collaboration where all children can feel safe and supported. We believe in building trusting and respectful relationships, as it is through these relationships that the child develops self confidence and a sense of belonging.


We are guided by a child centred program were Educators are responsive to children's ideas and interests, and then extend on these interests through a variety of play based experiences. We value project work and have focused much on our vegetable garden, planting, harvesting, cooking and eating with our produce.  Our indoor classroom offers open-ended experiences that allow children to extend on their creative ideas through artistic, dramatic and musical activities.


Our outdoor environment provides an opportunity for children to investigate and explore the natural world. We base outdoors experiences on sustainability where the children have access to the veggie patch, worm farm and digging/mud patch.


We offer a school readiness program that prepares preschool children for ‘big school’ through a variety of play based activities that focus on early literacy and numeracy development.


Working within the national Early Years Learning Framework we support all children to reach their full potential in all areas of their development including social, emotional, physical and intellectual.

Ladybird Room Philosophy



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