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Assessment and Rating

Amy Hurd Early Learning Centre Incorporated has achieved the following ratings:


Quality Area 1

Educational program and practice

RATING: Meeting National Quality Standard (M)


Quality Area 2

Children’s health and safety

RATING: Meeting National Quality Standard (M)


Quality Area 3

Physical Environment

RATING: Meeting National Quality Standard (M)


Quality Area 4

Staffing arrangements

RATING: Exceeding National Quality Standard (E)


Quality Area 5

Relationships with children

RATING: Meeting National Quality Standard (M)


Quality Area 6

Collaborative partnerships with families and communities

RATING: Meeting National Quality Standard (M)


Quality Area 7

Leadership and service management

RATING: Meeting National Quality Standard (M)


The overall rating for a service is determined by the combination of the Quality Area ratings achieved.

If a service is rated below the National Quality Standard in any Quality Area, the overall rating will reflect the lowest Quality Area rating. To achieve an overall rating of Exceeding National Quality Standard, a service needs to achieve Exceeding National Quality Standard in four or more Quality Areas of which two must be from Quality Area 1, Quality Area 5, Quality Area 6 or Quality Area 7.


This service is rated overall at

Meeting National Quality Standard (M)

Date of issue: 03 February 2016

NSW Department of Education


This service has been assessed against the National Quality Standard for Early Childhood Education and Care and School Age Care and these ratings have been awarded in accordance with the Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 and the Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011.

What our families think...


"Such a beautiful centre with amazing staff that care for and build relationships with children.
My 2 children that have been and are still at the centre have build strong relationships with their educators that has helped them grow in confidence and ability. It has also enabled them to move up into the different age groups with ease. The environment is natural and allows children to discover and grow in their play based learning. I'm so thankful we chose Amy Hurd to be part of our family while our children are at the preschool age.
Because that's what Amy Hurd become. Family." - Aimee Foley

"All the staff at Amy Hurd are exceptional, they love and care for my children as if they are their own. They make my children feel loved, secure and special. To everyone at Amy Hurd, thank you for being so amazing!" - Micha Scoble

"Amy Hurd has been amazing for our 10month old. Returning to work could not have been easier! All the staff are just wonderful, kind and caring people. Our son just adores all the staff and his learning and development have both been incredible since starting. We love Amy Hurd!! I highly recommend them!" - Amy Hurd Parent

"Amy Hurd is such an inviting, stimulating, safe and happy environment and we couldn't be more happy with the Centre. The Educators and Staff are absolutely fantastic and so personable, and the way they interact and look after our son is amazing - it's very easy to love your own children, so when you see people with such passion and care with your own and others it truly is special!" - Previous Amy Hurd Parent




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